What? You are obviously doubting my masculinity. I'll give you... a beating!
~ Carlos Maçaranduba

Carlos Maçaranduba is the main character of Diário de um Macho (A Manly Man's Diary), a sketch from Brazilian comedy show Casseta & Planeta Urgente. He was played by Claudio Manoel.

Carlos Maçaranduba is a stereotyped "pitboy", being an academy junkie and steroids addict who loves picking on fights, beating up anyone on sight without much of a reason other than because he really likes beating up others. He mainly does this by grabbing his victim's neck, then punches him on the gut a few times before lifting the victim and tossing it away (whenever he does this, the actor playing the victim is changed with a dummy doll). When Maçaranduba is bored, he orders pizza only to beat up the pizza delivery boy. His only friend is Hudson Montanha (played by the late Bussunda), who lives with him and is much like Maçaranduba himself. He also have a Bull Terrier pet named Saddam (obviously named after Saddam Hussein), which he likes sending after people.