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Carlos Guerrero is a character in DEXTER introduced during Season 1. Dexter Morgan originally investigates Guerrero but decides that his world is not one that he needs to participate in (he'd rather just stick to other killers.


Dexter thinks about killing him and he had just chosen to live in a dangerous world. In a retaliation, Guerrero has Doakes in several attempts to scare him off.

Guerrero kidnaps Doakes and is ready to execute him when Guerrero is shot by several officers, including Kara's brother Detective McNamara. It becomes clear that Doakes' colleagues had used him as bait to get to Guerrero—thus getting the evidence they needed to finally having the drug lord convicted.

Carlos Guerrero is sent to prison.

It is assumed he is staying there as he is still a drug lord and most likely has connections,allowing him to get better treatment there. Though sets in, his competitors may hired a hit man to kill him in prison much like he did for Norberto Cervantes. But there is no confirmation on his status otherwise, so he is likely to be alive.