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Carlo Rizzi


Carlo Rizzi is an minor antagonist in the The Godfather. He was played by Gianni Russo.


At first, he is shown to be a good husband to Connie at the wedding, but he is discovered to be abusive towards Connie. He also cheated on Connie multiple times. One time, Sonny catches him in the act. He immediately beated him on site. After that he teams up with rivals and sets a trap to Sonny. He beats up Connie over the phone and Sonny goes there, to save her, but he was eventually stopped at a toll booth, in Little Italy Toll Plaza and was ambushed and shot multiple times by Barzini's hitmen, who killed him instantly. Years later, Michael finds out who was behind Sonny's murder, alongside with Barzini, and wants vengeance. He tricks Carlo into admitting that he abused her, so he can be protected in Vegas. He gets into the car and he is being violently garrotted by Clemenza.