A assistant of Adrian Malprave

"Well, well if it isn't the famous James Bond;"- Carla The Jackal

Carla for short is a villain who works with Malprave in various places in the game Agent Under Fire. She tried to kill Bond in Hong Kong but failed. When Bond went after her he managed to stop the van and took a case of vials that was going to go to Malprave. Days later, Bond takes a mission at Romania. When he takes an elevator and enters to what looks like a warehouse he is then confronted by Carla. A great amount of shooting happens then Bond manages to activate a machine. He presses a button which activates a crane behind Carla pushing her forward into a air duct. When she falls in all that can be heard is the scream as she falls to her death. When M contacts Bond about him encountering the Jackal. He replies wittingly "She's fallen for me". An interesting fact is the two people who were working with Adrian Malprave always had their glasses on and were never seen with them off.