Carla McMeekin is a character in the dark comedy theatrical production, McMeekin Finds Out. Carla is an angel with a broken wing style teen, who likes to party hard. Her parents are the blue collar Pam and Guy McMeekin and she has one brother, Bobby McMeekin.

In the opening scene Carla is wasted and rapes her high school crush, Wayne Hokey, who had been mummified with duct tape for having made a fumble in the high school's football match.

When Carla gets home she has sobered up and on reflection, realises that she raped the young man. She attempts to inform Pam and Guy, but they are skeptical.

The rest of the play involved madness and mayhem surrounding the rest of the family trying to find out what really happened. While there is black comedy around the idea of a petite teenage girl raping a football player, the double standard does not apply. Carla is genuinely remorseful and at the end, even turns herself over to the police.

Tragically, Wayne confessed that he had actually liked Carla until she raped him.