Carl Cooke Hacking

Carl Cook hacking

Carl Cook is the primary antagonist of the 2016 Lifetime film, Revenge Porn.

He was portrayed by Levi Meaden.


Carl Cook is the owner of a revenge porn website According to his website, he first came up with the idea after posting naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend online. Despite the damage his pictures cause, Carl is remorseless for his actions, claiming that it was the fault of the women for taking naked pictures to begin with.

Levi Meaden

Levi Meaden

In the movie, his victim is 18-year-old high school senior Peyton Harris, whose pictures he finds online after the secondary antagonist uploaded them to a Shutterbug website. He posts them onto his site and uses Peyton's social media accounts to forward them to everyone she knows, including her parents Elaine and David.

After finding out about the website, Elaine decides to work to take down the site, even enlisting the help of Carl's other victims. But Elaine's actions cause Carl to retaliate using his hacking abilities. He re-sends Peyton's photos out after Elaine succeeds in having them deleted, messes with the family's finances, cancels Peyton's scholarships for college, uses a drone to attack Elaine and David, and even fakes a warrant for David's arrest.

Finally, after a meeting with the other victims, Elaine runs into Carl and finds out that he has a personal reason for coming after her daughter: She used to be his teacher, when he went by his first name Eddie. He was a freshman student who had a crush on her, which led to him sexually harassing her and being kicked out of school. At first, he treated Peyton as just another victim, but when he learned she was Elaine's daughter, he decided to use the opportunities as a chance to get personal revenge against Elaine.

David, after learning about the encounter, begs for Elaine to stand down and let the police do their jobs, fearing what Carl might do to them. But Elaine remains adamant on taking Carl down. With the help of the FBI and Carl's other victims, they're able to get charges filed against Carl and they're set to go to trial. Despite his arrest, Carl still claims innocence and appears confident that he'll be acquitted. However, the jury finds him guilty and sentences him to prison for his crimes.

The night before he's set to start his sentence, however, Carl breaks into the Harris home, having already disabled the carbon monoxide detectors and planning to use gas to kill the family. Peyton begs Carl to spare them, but he only laughs. David tries to subdue the armed Carl, but he overpowers all the family's attacks on him. But Peyton is finally able to take him down by hitting him in the head with the gas tank, knocking him out.