Carine ne Britannia is the Fifth Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire as well as Commander of the Far East Exchange Center. She dislikes her half-sister Nunnally because of her pacifist views, since she derives pleasure from war and violence. 

Carine was present in the room with Guinevere su Britannia and Odysseus eu Britannia after her brother's failure to form an alliance with the Chinese Federation. Carine expresses delight at the thought of battles and violence that would result in how Nunnally would be upset, which she would enjoy, as she hates her. 

One month after the Emperor's disappearance, Carine appears in the Imperial Court where Lelouch compels her and the rest of the court to accept him as the 99th Emperor of Britannia. She is then employed as a maid, along with Guinevere. Her fate after the destruction of Pendragon is unknown.