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Divine Baptism![...] If we use that on Linley, all of his talents will all... HE WILL BE A BROKEN MAN!
~ Guillermo

Cardinal Guillermo is a supporting character turned antagonist in the Coiling Dragon series. He is one of the cardinals of the Radiant Church and the right-hand of its leader, Pope Heidens. He is geniuely fond of Linley and his talent, and he present the Magic Book of Earth as a price to seal their alliance. However, Linley considered Guillermo as an enemy after the true nature of the church are revealed, and vice versa.


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  • Even after he break up with Linley, Guillermo is always seemed to be reluctant to obey Heidens' order to take down Linley.
  • Guillermo is considered to be the kindest member of the Radiant Church, and some fans do not view him as a outright villain.
  • He is the gentle counterpart of Osenno.

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