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Cardinal Cosimo Trebaldi is main antagonist in Franco Belgian comic book Le Scorpion.

He is an ambitious cardinal who latter becomes a Pope and starts reign of terror in Rome.


Cosimo is one of three sons of Horacio Trebaldi

.Cosimo was in love with Madlene Catalan but Cosimo's father came to Madlene, asking her if she wants to give birth to Trebaldi children.

Madlene tought Horacio means children to Cosimo, but Horacio told her Cosimo can't have children, so he had rape her.

When Cosimo finds out the truth, he tells Inquisition about Madlene.

Madlene was captured by Inquisition, and they tortured her to reveal the fatehr of her child.

Cosimo was so tortured by the fact that he loved Madlene, but that she gave birth to his fathers child.

The Church burned Madlene on public square, condamnig her as witch. Cosimo at that ime crowled into Church, asking God to help him, if he really exsist.

As Chruch mercenaries was to drown Madlene's new born child, Madlene's father arived, and killed them all, saving young boy.

Many years latter, Trebaldi, now a cardinal plots to kill Pope with help of his Warior Monks and his right hand man Roshnan.He also wants to as new Pope restore might of nine families that were aristocrats during time of Roman Empire, to unite them, and afcourse one of those nine families is his own.

But on his way to goal one man tries to stop him, Armando Catalane, his own brother.

Trebaldi succedes in killing Pope, and then uses trick to gain voices of other cardinals, by presenting them cross of St Peter.

Scorpio tried to stop Trebaldi, but didn't managed. He than travels to Capadokia to find the real cross. Trebaldi sends Roshnan to stop Scorpio and his friends. But in fight with Roshnan Scorpio fails again, barely managing to sve his own life.

Problems starts for Trebaldi, when he is unable to pay his Warior Monks. As aranged with French ambassador, French king will support Trebaldi with money that will arive in Rome. Scorpio stage robery of convoy with the gold, and he and Trebaldi begin fighting.  Scorpiowas told that he is son of Trebaldi, from Inquisitioner that killed his mother, but never the less he decide that with help of his friends Aristotel the Hussar and Egiptian girl Mezai he will stop Trebaldi.

Latter, Scorpio encounts his both brothers,and his real father Horacio...

Personality Cosimo is harsh and formal man. When comes to his affairs, he can be very brutal. It can be noticed, that he was much better man during his youth and his love affair with Magdalena. The truth that Magdalena son isn't his, but his father was turning point in Cosimo's life. In his older days as Cardinal and Pope, he can be seen as bitter, brutal and somehow Machiavelistic man, that has subdued all his life and interest in his plan of restoring power of nine families and his own family power. However from later development of story, we can see that Trebaldi is a man that carries great burden and has regreted some thing from his past all his life. Also he is a Cardinal and latter becomes Pope, he said one of his subordinants, that there is no God and there was no resurrection of Jesus Christ, but there is only this wonderful institution of Roman Catholic Church, that stood there for centuries. That show that he is not a true beliver, but that he is more of pragmatic and likes authority which is presented in form of Church. We can see also that in some moments, Trebaldy tries not to do bad things, influenced by bad things he did in past, like when he tries to hit Mejaji with the whip, he was stopped by memory of how he whipped his beloved Magdalena. That shows us that in he maybe view himself from his youth as a coward, and that now he tries to act in better manner. Also his words to Scorpio, his own brother and child of Magdalena, that he regrets of what happens all his life, and that there was not a day that he did not regreted Magdalena's fate, show us what Trebaldi is in true nature.


During his youth, Cosimo had long black hair, a more rounder face and he had moustache. In his older days, he has more bonnier face, with gray hair and gray mustache and goatee. He always wears his Cardinal and Pope attire.


Cosimo Trebaldi, even as a villain, can be understanded, since he had a tragic past that shaped his life as villain. He had a tragic love, was victim of his ambicion father who favours his younger brother Neo and was under the pressure of Church.