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Carapax aka Conrad Carapax was an archaeologist who was a rival to the man who would later become the origanal Blue Beetle Dr. daniel Garett. After Garett's death he wen tot an island that Garett went to in search of something. When Carapax got there he found Jarvis Kord's old lab. A robot came up to him and killed him however his mind was transfered into the robot. He later found a ship coming to the island so he took over the ship in order to get back to main land. However he fought the Blue Beetle and tried to steal his scarab during the battle however he was knocked into the ocean. He was then able to make his way back to the shore of Metropolis and fought Blue Beetle again however his body blew up. After Blue Beetle's death it is later revealed that his body was rebuilt by aliens and fought Firestrom and Superman. They defeated him. He later joined a group to fight the current Blue Beetle with a steam powered suit but got defeated.


His suit has super strength and can fire missiles. He can also withstand physical and energy attacks.
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