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Carapar is a villain in the BIONICLE series and he was first introduced as one of the main antagonists in the 2007 storyline and also served as the minor villain in the 2015 storyline. Carapar was also one of the Barraki, warlords who were trying to conquer the Great Spirit before he and the others were finally stopped by the Brotherhood of Makuta for good and were then imprisoned in the Pit. When the Great Cataclysm wrecked the entire Pit, Carapar, the Barraki and the other prisoners were freed and he and the other Barraki fall into the mutagenic ocean where he was transformed into a crab-like being.

Later, he was revived by Makuta Teridax as he was transformed into the Shadow Revenant.


Not much about Carapar's recent past but it was once revealed that he was a ruthless leader of a large army of the League of the Six Kingdoms in 80,000 years ago. 



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