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Captain Zahab is the leader of the Balban and a villain from Gingaman.


Zahab was originally from another planet from which a monster named Daitanix was born from its taint. Learning that Daitanix can absorb the life energies of a world and condense them into Star Soul Jewels, Zahab exploited this fact to become an immortal while expanding the lives of his followers as they used Daitanix to turn various planets into dead worlds while plundering their riches. Three thousand years ago, the Barban attempted to make Earth their next target but found resistance in the residents of the Ginga Forest and the first Gingamen. In the resulting battle, losing his hand to the first Ginga Red, Zahab and his crew were sealed away in the bottom of the sea.

However, in 1998, the seal was broken and the Barban were freed again. However, Daitanix was revived like the pirates so Zahab is forced to send each of his generals to make an attempt to revive the monster so they can resume their plundering.


Though hardened, Zahab shows some care for his crew despite expressing it in private.

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