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"Never have my eyes seen such treasures!" -Captain Soto

Captain Soto was the original captain of the Black Bounty who was later brought back to life, as well as his crew, by accident, by Lord Garmadon using the Mega Weapon. He is a character in the Ninjago series.

Pirates vs. Ninja

After he was brought back to life, he took over the Black Bounty from Lord Garmadon and used the flying upgrades to terrorize Ninjago City. He is later stopped by the ninja and imprisoned by police.

The return of Nadakhan

He revealed to the ninja, who were now imprisoned as crimminals, that he had a history with their pirate enemy Nadakhan the genie. He defeated Nadakhan by using the venom of a tiger widow, so he wont teleport, and locking him inside a lamp. However, when Mechanic entered the dining room, the ninja had to fight Mechanic, and Soto helped the ninja, while trying to give them some tips. Later, the ninja escaped with Soto, and Soto wished them good luck.

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