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Captain Skoda was a minor villain in the novel The Guns of Navarone. In the film, he is renamed Captain Sessler.

Skoda was a German officer stationed on Navarone during World War II. He was the superior of Lieutenant Turzig. A cruel and ruthless man of occasional dry wit, Skoda tortured the injured and dying Lieutenant Andrew Stevens when Keith Mallory's commando team was captured by Turzig, trying to learn the location of their hidden cache of explosives. Turzig objected to this, and an enraged Mallory swore Skoda would die for his cruel actions. Mallory's vow came to pass when the British made a daring escape from their captors, and Skoda was shot and killed by Andrea in revenge for his torture of Stevens.

Andrea: "God alone knows I am no fighting man."

Skoda: "A highly inaccurate statement. That fact must be patently obvious to every person in the room by now."