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Captain Schmidt was a supporting villain of the movie The Train.


Schmidt was a German officer serving in the Heer. He was Colonel Franz von Waldheim's second in command. He was put in charge of the train carrying the French paintings to Germany, and he and his aide Tauber stayed in the caboose. However their journey was sabotaged when engineer Labiche took a circular trip back to the station at Rive-Reine, and he and fireman Didont threw Sergeant Schwartz out of the locomotive.

Didont then uncoupled the train cars from the engine, leaving Schmidt and the paintings behind while Schmidt slept in his room in the caboose. Labiche and Didont then jumped off of the speeding locomotive, which crashed upon arriving in Rive-Reine. The still moving train cars collided with the crashed locomotive at Rive-Reine, jostling Schmidt awake. When Schmidt went and opened the back door of the caboose, he suddenly saw another speeding locomotive, driven by Pesquet, hurtling at him. It smashed into the caboose, killing Schmidt instantly.

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