Captain Ron is the owner and head of a rival hotel company. He and Mr. Ridgemount are Long-Time Rivals. They compete over everything, Golf, Tennis, Stock Markets, Boat Races, even "How Many Kids They Have" (Mr. Ridgemount won that one because he and his wife had George).

Episodes with Dasterly Deeds

Boards of Glory-Competed at the compition with a male and female surfer. But he lost to Mr. Ridgemount's Surfers Reef and Broseph(Became the first male and male to win in history).

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Clam?-It was a never-ending prank war between Ridgemount Resorts and Captain Ron. He even built a exploding surfboards that can tear the boards apart. Effects Reef, Lo, Wipeout, Emma, and Broseph. He try to get to put sandels with hot sauce on Mr. Ridgemount's feet but Wipeout gets out evidence about there plan.

The Day the Sea stood still-Stop the waves at his rival's business by made Captain Ron's Island. But the groms destroyed it while Ron was washed away.

The Captain, The Grom, His Job and Her Dream-Captain Ron hires Fin to be his Surf Instructor. Then Fin teaches Ron to Surf and She gets the job and he gave her respect and Tuna McGillis, Betty Sandstone, and Captain Clam aren't Happy about it. He gave Fin the Contract to Make her work all summer. Until that one fatal day, he lost his precious yacht driven by the groms of Ridgemount Resort, then the ship sunk. Grabbed his Megaphone and Said, "FIN! YOU'RE FIRED!"

(500) Days of Bummer-Captain Ron send one of his spies, Chrissy, who is dating Bummer, to sabotage his rival's Hotel. Fin finds out Chrissy is working for Captain Ron. Fin, along with Emma and Broseph, sabotages Chrissy's Plan. Revealing the disgusting gags.