BF3 Cole

Captain Quinton Cole, USMC, was the commanding officer of the Misfit units in Battlefield 3. While not a villain in the sense of being against the protagonist-save for the level Kaffarov-he proves to be a greedy gloryhound, ordering Misfit 1-3 to secure Al-Bashir alive at all costs just to increase Cole's prestige, although it was an objective of the US Military due to Al-Bashir being the President of Iran. He additionally made his men fight the Russian Airborne Troops battalion in spite of the suicidal nature of engaging them due to the fact his troops were outnumbered and outgunned, not even bothering to attempt to contact higher command via radio first. He does not show remorse when Private First Class Christian Matkovic and Sergeant Steve Campo are killed, although he does seem to regret them being dead, admitting that both of the Marines may have survived if he had handled the situation differently. However, he then states , "This is a war, and things happen in a war." He then say, "It's on you Marines.", to Staff Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn and Private First Class David Montes, some of his only (if not the only) surviving men at this point, emphasiziing how their mission to capture Kaffarov would rely on the two. In the level Kaffarov, after GRU Agent Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky revealed to Black about the fact the Russians and Americans were being manipulated intp fighting each other by the PLR and Solomon, Cole arrives, yelling at Dima (and Black, probably thinking the Staff Sergeant had gone rogue due to listening to Dima), "Get down on the ground! I said get down on the ground!" Realizing his Captain's intereference will only worsen the situation further, Black shoots Cole and kills him, resulting in Black being held captive by the CIA as a result.