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By your polluting powers combined, I am Captain Pollution! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
~ Captain Pollution's famous quote.

Captain Pollution is a villain in the animated TV series Captian Planet. He is an evil clone of Captain Planet who exists to make the world a pollution-filled cesspool. He is completely destructive and insane unlike the heroic Captain Planet. He is one of the superhero's most powerful enemies due to Captain Planet weakness to pollution (much like Superman is weak to kryptonite), though Captain Pollution in turn is weak against clean minerals. The Eco Villains called him forth for the first time using the Rings of Destruction.

Unlike most Eco-Villains, Captain Pollution does not symbolise a specific environmental disaster, rather he symbolises pollution as a whole.


Captain Pollution resembles Captain Planet, but his skin is pale yellow, and covered in brown lesions. His hair is red, and styled in a Widow's peak and he has red eyes. His costume is the same color and style as Planet's, but the chest is torn in the middle, with two halves of a cracked version of Planet's chest symbol on either side. His voice has a California Valley twang to it. Captain Pollution is defeated twice by Captain Planet; first in the 2-part Mission to Save Earth by being rammed through earth, lava, air and water, and then again in the another 2-part episode "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste" by being tricked into going into an underground magma chamber.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As Captain Planet's opposite, pollution actually strengthens and reinforces Captain Pollution. Earth's elements, such as clean water and earth, weaken him.

Captain Planet is able to defeat Captain Pollution in the episode "Mission to Save Earth Part II" by carrying Captain Pollution through clean sources of energy: digging him through the ground (earth), drag him through lava (fire), tornado-spins him in the air (wind), then throwing him into the ocean (water).



  • He was voiced by David Coburn who also does the voice of Captain Planet on the TV show Captain Planet and the Planeteers. When he voices Captain Pollution, he speaks in a California accent.
  • The elements needed to create him are super radiation, deforestation, smog, toxic, and hate.

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