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Captain Mordecai Barrows is Homer Simpson's brutish double in Diatribe of a Mad Housewife. When Homer comes home drunk from an ambulance shift, Marge types on her book The Harpooned Heart, and makes a brute out of Temperance Barrows' husband Captain Mordecai. Later, realizing that Marge had betrayed him, a jealous Homer chases Ned Flanders to compete for Marge's affections. Lisa then tells Bart the ending of the book, in which Mordecai harpoons Temperance's boyfriend Cyrus. When the rival lands on a whale, Mordecai gets swept away to sea himself (which reminds of Captain Ahab's demise). However, in reality, Homer prepares to do to Flanders "something he should've done a long time ago," but then he begs his neighbor to help him be a better husband. Marge sees the men in confrontation, but realizes that they are friends once again.

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