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Captain McGillicutty is a secondary villain who appears in Tales of Monkey Island's second chapter, "The Siege of Spinner Cay". He is captain of a pirate crew that has been infected with the Pox of LeChuck. He is first seen in Spinner Cay, arguing with the MerLeader and Elaine Marley about the Summoning Artifacts, and is responsible for the title conflict of the episode, which he initiates upon realizing the MerLeader is not going to hand the artifacts over. McGillicutty later reveals to Guybrush that he seeks La Esponja Grande not to cure the Pox, but to destroy it so that his monstrous new powers will never disappear. His goals are to use the pox to make him and his crew the most fearsome pirates in the seas and become rich in their upgraded abilities in pillaging and plundering. Guybrush succeeds in sinking McGillicutty's ship, drowning him.