Captain Kiddie

Captain Kiddie & Squawk are supporting antagonists in Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

They are both voiced by Rip Taylor.

Role in Tom and Jerry: The Movie

He is a traveling performer and the manager of a carnival. He claims to have traveled the world as a performer and showman, having a illustrious (albeit short-lived) career in show business. To the viewer, however, this appears to be in very much doubt. When Robyn asked where Tibet was, he claimed that Tibet was 'just outside of Cleveland', which is obviously false. So, Captain Kiddie is pretty much an uncultured hack at best and a pretentious con artist at worst.

Captain Kiddie has a split personality, which manifests itself in his puppet, a parrot named Squawk. Through Squawk, Captain Kiddie is critical and self-deprecating, however, he is also realistic and reasonable. For instance, during a song and dance, Captain Kiddie tells of all the tricks and theater productions he has done, while Squawk marginalizes them. Perhaps, it can be inferred, the Captain realizes how much of a hack he truly is but is uncomfortable to come to terms with it.

At first, after rescuing Robyn, he appeared as a nice guy. However, when he realized that $1 million was offered by Aunt Pristine Figg for Robyn's return, he immediately became bad and greedy and trapped her on top of the ferris wheel against her will and called Figg. While Tom and Jerry ran off with Robyn, Captain Kiddie (and the other villains) tried to pursue them, each hoping to get the reward. At the end, he ended up dangling at a wooden bridge. Captain Kiddie has never been heard from since. Possibly, after this, he was arrested by the police for trying to capture Starling or probably climbed on land and returned home, giving up on catching Starling since she with her father again.



  • Captain Kiddie is similar to Ventriloquist, a known enemy of Batman: as the Ventriloquist, even the Captain seems to have a split personality that manifests itself through a puppet, which then moves and speaks as if with a life of its own.
  • Captain Kiddie is also similar to Stromboli, both of whom are showmen who appear to have good intentions towards children but turn out to be motivated by greed and their own selfish desires.