Kidd disguised as an old lady.

Captain Kidd was the main villain of the Felix the Cat cartoon "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg" - which was released in 1936.

In this story Felix was using the mythical Golden Goose to supply free golden eggs to the citizens of a town but Captain Kidd decided to steal the Golden Goose for himself - being a greedy pirate with no intention of sharing his wealth with others.

Disguising himself as an old woman he begged Felix to let him in only for his disguise to fall apart, foiling his plan and Felix locked the pirate out - however Captain Kidd simply used his brute strength to spin the door open, causing Felix to be locked out instead (cartoon physics is not the same as real-world physics).

Captain Kidd proceeded to capture the Golden Goose and tie it in a pillow sack and took it away to his ship, where he had is crew of pirates sail off into the ocean.

Captain Kidd became angry with the Golden Goose when it didn't lay golden eggs and planned on cutting it open with his sword - only to be stopped when Felix launched himself onto the boat with the aid of a cannon.

Felix then used Captain Kidd's own cannon to defeat his crew of pirates before engaging Captain Kidd in a swords-fight that climaxed in Felix defeating the pirate and locking him away under the ship.

Felix then used the cannon to distribute Captain Kidd's treasure across the town - resulting of all the pirate's ill-gotten riches being collected by the grateful towns-people, who declared Felix a hero and had a celebratory parade in his honor.