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Captain Jack Swallows

Captain Jack Swallows is a secondary antagonist in Epic Movie and a parody of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

He gets Edward out of prison by stabbing him (though Edward could of just as easily played injured) and knocking out the guards out. Swallows, takes Edward to a ship, we're Swallows and his crew rap about being pirates. But soon, after the white bitch reaches the the ship, Swallows revealed he is a spy of the White Bitch sent to extract information from Edward about the resistance to help the White Bitch and her forces win, along with that the ship is a prop. The White Bitch came and subdued Edward. Swallows ends up getting betrayed by the White Bitch and called her a bitch. Swallows later redeems himself by killing the White Bitch.

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