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Captain Hollister is one of the main villains in the 1984 Stephen King movie, Firestarter.

He was played by Martin Sheen.



Head of a scientific intelligence known as The Shop, he sends Agent John Rainbird to capture the heroes and stop the release of information. When the heroes are captured, Hollister has the father and daughter separated and tells Charlie, daughter and main heroine, that they're going to be best friends and she'll accept the things to come. Andy, her dad and hero, tricks Hollister into thinking his powers have decreased but really they haven't, which fools Hollister. Andy gets information from Hollister like John's true identity and that Hollister plans to send Andy somewhere else.

The reason why Hollister wants to send Andy away somewhere else is to make sure Charlie never sees him again and that he shows his powers. Charlie continues to demand to see her dad again as Hollister and the rest of his organization had promised. Towards the end of the movie, in the barn Rainbird shoots and kills Hollister. 

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