They promised me old men on the crew. Sea dogs - men who'd had their time. Not boys.
~ Captain Hardaker, preparing to shoot Midshipman Alonso Frame.

Captain Hardaker is a minor villain in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas special, "Voyage of the Damned". He is the elderly and dying captain of the Titanic and a henchman of Max Capricorn who helps carry out Capricorn's plan to destroy Earth.


Hardaker was ordered by Max Capricorn to magnetise the hull, which would attract an incoming asteroid shower, and to keep the shields off so the asteroids would hit the vessel. He took part in the plan because he was dying of an unidentified illness which left him with six months to live. He was promised his family would receive a great deal of money.

When Midshipman Alonso Frame tried to reactivate the shields, Hardaker shot him with a service pistol. Before doing so, he lamented that he had been promised a crew of old men who had had their time, not boys. Although Hardaker was killed when the ship was struck, Frame survived the gunshot wound.