Unseen main antagonist of arcade game Aurail developed by Westone and released by Sega in 1990. Gorgar space dictator, who wants to rule the universe, because the world it is not enough.


Gorgar have a lot robots and ships, but his main weapon giant space ship Flagship Gorgar (unofficial name) with a variety of weapons (laser canons, plasma canons, an additional compartment with ships, bomb canons and main weapon psionic laser).


Before final battle comes the main ship and comes out of it a great phantom of magic force (which can not be hurt because of the shield) and then begin to create magic that teleport the hero to the moon and turn the ship into the flagship, which is so vast and dangerous that a hero will come to the aid of ships allies and other mechs. In the end, the flagship would be destroyed and figure of captain gorgar was dead in shadow with great phantom of magic force.

Captain Gorgar (possible in the main ship) and phantom of magic force
Flagship Gorgar (laser and plasma canons)
Flagship Gorgar (bomb canons)
Flagship Gorgar itself (and psionic laser)