Captain Glur is a boss and a villain in the game Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.

Captain glur is a crow taking the form of an angler fish dressed as a pirate.

Captain Glur was one of the crow bosses sent by Dark Raven to take over a region of Morning Land, he was tasked with Pirate Islands. He and his minions succesfully took over Pirate Island and sealed the elder in a golden egg.

When Billy came through, Billy freed the elder and thus brought morning to Pirate Island, after this, Billy fought through Captain Glur's minions and made his way to Captain Glur's hideout. Once Billy entered, Captain Glur rose out of a puddle of water on the ground and laughed at billy.

Captain Glur attack by using his water cannon to shoot Billy, after shooting at Billy several times he would instead shoot at several different places on the ground to create puddles, once he did this he would laugh and jump in one of them at random, after this he would begin jumping out of them and try landing on Billy, he was vulnerable after he had jumped out though, so Billy was able to harm him, once Captain Glur was injured enough, the puddles would dry up and Captain Glur would start the cycle again.

Once Captain Glur was defeated, he dropped to the ground and faded away, relinquishing his emblem of courage.

Captain Glur later appears as a shadow clone in the Dark Corvo boss battle, where his shadow clone would shoot homing bouncy balls out of his cannon.

Captain Glur is the second boss, the previous boss is Era Gecka and the next boss is Topo.