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The leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu has a power level second only to Frieza himself within Frieza's army.

Outside of the force, Captain Ginyu is feared for his strength. Within it, he is known for his charisma and loyalty to his team, and the Ginyu Force love him for it. However, he is not without his quirks. He creates various poses- some of them rather questionable- in order to invigorate his team and raise morale. He also has various dances that he performs per command, though he does seem to enjoy them- The Dance of Joy following every successful mission (ordered by Frieza's father), The Daddy's Little Princess Dance following every Dance of Joy (ordered by Frieza's brother), and The Dance of Solitude when he's alone.

Despite his overwhelming power level of 120,000, though, Ginyu's most devastating technique involves his ability to swap bodies with his opponent, leaving them with his wounds and taking their power- assuming that they're not using a technique that enhances their abilities like Kaioken. Ginyu initially does this to Goku, who later interferes when Ginyu tries to use it on Vegeta (putting them both in their rightful bodies).

Then Ginyu tries to use it on Vegeta again, but Goku throws a frog that had landed on his hand (it was gross) between them, trapping Ginyu in that form instead. Despite Goku's insistance that he be left alone at that point because he was harmless, Vegeta crushes him anyway.