Captain George is the main antagonist in the comedy play Skool and Crossbones.


Captain George and the pirates first appear after the Islanders second song "Prayer to the Gods". He plans to take over the island and tells the Islanders how he and the other pirates have made their headmistress walk the plank and that they have been sailing the oceans ever since. And if the island is not surrendered, then George proclaims swordfights till dawn. After a long talk about logic, the islanders and pirates declare war on the pirates.

When things start to look bleak, Ol'Manbo is revealed to be the pirates' headmistress and it is revealed they are not pirates, but school children pretending to be pirates but Ol' Manbo is reformed too.


Captain George is not a true villain; in actuality, he's just a school child who has been made to wear dark clothes for a very long time. However, he can be quiet intimidating and cruel to his crew, making fun of Scaredy Cat, who refuses to be anywhere near him. Like most villains, he seems to have a sense of honour. His intimidating and cruel personality makes his crew respect the First Mate better than him.

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