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Captain Fear is ???

A mysterious criminal, who along with his crew of river pirates, robbed Gotham's elite on cruise ships near the city's harbor. Batman thought Cap'n Fear was just a regular crook who had a piracy theme. This nearly killed him when Fear subdued and tied him to a buoy in shark-infested waters and knocking Robin unconscious and thrown back into a doomed Batboat (Luckily Robin escaped said doom boat). With the help of Robin, who founded Fear's robotic parrot that recorded all of his criminal activity, police arrested Captain Fear crew. Cap'n Fear managed to evade capture but not before being knocked into the surf by Batman who had escaped his deadly predicament by using the sharks own abrasive skin to gain his freedom.

He was seen one last time when he had been hired by Cluemaster to aid in the escape of Blackgate prisoners. However Fear betrayed Cluemaster leaving him and the prisoner to be caught. Cap'n Fear was last seen sailing off into Gotham waters.

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