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Captain Ethan Ryer is an officer of the Earth Federation. He was in the Gundam 08 MS Team. Captain Ryer suspected that Shiro is a spy and he wanted Shiro to be killed. Later, he had let his troops die, but he ordered a hospital ship to be shot down. Ryer wanted to be promoted and have a job in Juarbo. However, his dream never came to be realized when a mobile armor fire a beam weapon. The blast heads towards him; he saw that he's going to die. Ryer failed to accomplish his goals.

Last words and death

Before he dies, the blast was heading towards him and his crew, his crew yells, "Evacuate! All personnel evacuate immediately." But Ryer's last words knowing that he's going to die, "There's no time for that."


  • If he did survive, he would have been court martial for war crimes.