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Captain Dolce is a very minor villain in "Eternal Sonata". She was a pirate that was the leader of the "Invincible Dolce Gang".

In the game, her ship crashes against the Barogue Ship and Fredric, Polka, Beat, and Salsa decided to fight off the invading pirates. As they went into the cabin, they encountered Dolce and her men in a battle. The first battle is mandatory, but the other ones are optional.

On the game's side quest (perferably in encore mode), the group keep fighting Dolce's gang as they were on a treasure hunt. They fought in the Wah Lava Cave, the hub in Barogue city, and finally, Woodblock Groves. After the last fight, Dolce finally gives up and gave Allegreto and the others the treasure and ran off. They were not seen after this.


Captain Dolce's voices were uncredited, because hers was only heard in battle. Her speeches were in text only.

She was the only villain not to work for Forte; in the manga version however, she does.