Captain Crigg was a minor antagonist in The Dream Stone.


Crigg was the leader of Zordrak's Urpney army. He was a potbellied, older-looking Urpney with purple hair and black eyebrows. Like his second-in-command, Sergeant Blob, his helmet differed from his men in that it sported a pair of small horns in addition to the spike on top. He was put in charge of building Urpgor's latest invention, a helicopter shaped like a bird, as part of the plan to acquire the Dreamstone.

However, he fell behind schedule and also voiced his misgivings about the plan to get the Dreamstone. When he and Blob went before Zordrak to report, Zordrak revealed he knew about Crigg's failure to stay on schedule and his doubts about the plan. To teach Crigg "a lesson in obedience," Zordrak threw him into the Pit of No Return, where he was eaten alive by the Frazznats despite a valiant effort to escape. A satisfied Zordrak them gave command of the Urpneys to a terrified Blob.