Captain Colonel is an elephant and the villain turned good from the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode, "An Elephant Never Suspects". He is Elliott's father and the leader of the elephant herd.

Role in the episode

Captain Colonel first appeared in the episode when he was upset when the food supply was being scattered around and scoffs that the Rescue Rangers are to be trusted as his son, Elliott's friends. Elliott points out that his father gets stubborn when he's the leader of the elephant herd.

When Bruin the brown bear from the next pen and the Simian monkeys Heebee and Jeebee next to his pen come to the elephants' pen after learning about their peanut pile, and start accusing the Captain and his herd of stealing their missing peanuts, this upsets the Captain and they get into an argument. Later, despite finding the idea of using the Rescue Rangers to help them a joke since they're very small, Captain Colonel and the other zoo animals give them a chance; thanks to Elliott.

At night, after the elephants' nuts have been stolen, the elephants, Bruin, and the monkeys accuse the Rescue Rangers of such a crime and try to stop them. When trying to stomp them, Elliott rescues them; much to his father's disappointment.

In order to solve the case, the Rescue Rangers use coconuts to distract the elephants, who later return fire. Then, after the real thieves, who turn out to be the panda twins: Ting-a-Ling and Ming-Ting who only stole peanuts to make their digging machine work to dig back to China because they missed their parents so much, are discovered, the Rescue Rangers help recover the peanuts.

After the pandas are happily sent back to China for "falling ill with panda pox", Captain Colonel thanks the Rescue Rangers for their help and enjoys playing the loop-da-loop with Chip and Dale along with his son.