You killed Captain Clown...YOU KILLED CAPTAIN CLOWN!
~ The Joker to Batman after Captain Clown's destruction.

Captain Clown is a robot and a right-hand of The Joker. He first appeared in the Batman: Animated Series episode, "The Last Laugh".


It is unknown how the Joker got the robot but somehow he programmed it to be loyal to him and an adversary to Batman. He has super strength and is nearly invulnerable. He was used as a driver of a ship that sprayed the laughing gas. When Batman got on the Joker's ship, he takes down Jest and his unnamed partner easily but Captain Clown subdues Batman easily by grabbing him and spins him till he's dizzy. He shoves Batman into a canister ,and the Joker pokes holes in it then Captain Clown dumps the canister into the ocean but Batman managed to get the Batboat and get himself out of the canister.

The Joker went back to the junkyard with his henchmens and Captain Clown to spray more of his gas on the wastes. Batman came and again easily defeats Jest and his unnamed comrade by removing their masks that makes them immune to the Joker's gas. Captain Clown goes up against Batman again. Batman grabs a metal pole and hits Captain Clown with it but it didn't do any damage except his mask which reveals that Captain Clown is a robot.

Batman lures Captain Clown into a car crusher and crushes the robot into small cube. The Joker was furious at Batman for Captain Clown's demise and dumps garbage on Batman. The Joker sat on Captain Clown's remains while he was on the conveyor belt. His remains later fell into molten lava.

Batman and Harley Quinn

Years after Captain Clown's supposed death, he (or at least a man dressed as him) makes a cameo inside of a nightclub that Batman, Nightwing and Harley Quinn walk into.


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