Captain Batt

Captain Budd is a one-shot villain who appears in The Pirate, the 12th episode of the 1990 anime series Moomin.


He is an irritated pirate captain whose ship sinks just off the coast of Moominvalley in a storm. All the surviving pirates who swim ashore are imprisoned, excluding Captain Budd who hides in Snork's workshop.

When Snork Maiden and Little My go to the workshop, Captain Budd surprises them, captures Snork Maiden and sends Little My to fetch the valley's authorities. Nearly all the valley's inhabitants rush to the workshop, led by the Police Inspector. The captain demands in exchange for letting Snork Maiden go the release of his crew and a new sailing ship. When the Inspector tries to tell him that there aren't any big sailing ships in Moominvalley, the captain doesn't listen to him and sets a time frame of two hours, threatening to kill Snork Maiden if his terms aren't met. However, he says to Snork Maiden in private that his death threats are only bluffs to force the valley's inhabitants to obey him, and he becomes concerned when she passes out. When the Inspector tries to offer the captain and his crew a safe passage from the valley on foot, the offer's turned down.

When Snork Maiden starts feeling thirsty an hour later, Captain Budd orders a drink for her. Advised by Snufkin, Moomin brings to the workshop two cups of juice; a small one for Snork Maiden and a large one for the captain (who has become thirsty from shouting). The captain suspects that his drink has been mixed with poison or sleeping potion and decides to make Snork Maiden drink it. Moomin doesn't allow that and is pressured by the captain to drink it instead. Moomin collapses, apparently falling asleep, and the captain grows smug, drinking the contents of the smaller cup intended for Snork Maiden. When he's about to demand for Snork Maiden a new drink without sleeping potion, he falls asleep. Moomin rises and reveals that he pretended to fall asleep to double bluff the captain. Captain Budd is then taken to prison where he sleeps for several days before waking up.