Captain Brown

Captain Brown (left), with the World President.

Captain Brown is a minor villain from the 1960's supermarionation TV series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Like the most notable Mysteron operatives, he is a Spectrum Organization officer who was murdered by the Mysterons and rebuilt, as an evil clone under their command. Captain Brown made one appearance in the pilot episode, "The Mysterons". He and Captain Scarlet are shown in a Spectrum Patrol Car, about to carry out Captain Brown's first 'big' mission. Soon after Captain Scarlet gives Captain Brown luck, the Patrol Car crashes over a cliff, killing both Captains. The Mysterons immediately rebuilt them using their powers of 'retrometabolism', under their evil influence.

Captains Brown and Scarlet were returned to Cloudbase to face Colonel White for their next task in protecting the World President. Brown was then assigned to fly the President in a private Spectrum-owned jet to a Maximum Security Building in London* for a conference*. On the way in, a metal case of cigarettes in Brown's vest pocket triggered the security system to go off.

In the President's suite, after being asked if he played a good game of 3D chess (and replying in the affirmative), the Captain Brown clone blew up, taking the President with him. However, in the very next scene, it's revealed the President survived and is in Colonel White's office on Cloudbase. Lt. Green then does the honours of showing how the President survived certain death: the wall behind him lifted up, and him and his chair were sucked into the next building.