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The most feared singing pirate captain in the world!
~ The Captain introducing himself

Captain Arrrgh is a villainous pirate from the Nickelodeon cartoon series Fresh Beat Band of Spies. He appears in several episodes of the show.


Captain Arrrgh is the leader of a group of "singing pirates." The number of crew members he has varies from episode to episode, and most of the minor pirates are nameless. The Captain is most often seen with his First Mate, who is second-in-command of the pirates' ship. Captain Arrrgh does not truly care for any of his crew and frequently gets annoyed at their pranks.


  • In his first appearance (in Singing Pirate), he steals a famous emerald with the help of his pirate crew.
    • He also steals the kitten who was wearing it.
  • In Fake Fresh Beats, he teams up with Von Winnerchamp, Yi Haw and a new villain named Rubberface Rudy to frame the Fresh Beat Band of Spies for robbing a bank.
  • In Band of Pirates, he steals half of a treasure map that the Fresh Beats found. After the Fresh Beat Band of Spies locates the treasure with only half a map, he steals it from them.

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