Captain "Aarfy" Aardvaark is a minor character but most infamous villain in the book and 1970 film Catch-22.


Captain Aardvaark, or "Aarfy" as he is more commonly known as in the book,


Aarfy is shown to be power hungry, trying to befriend Nately to get close to his rich father. As shown from his talk with Yossarian of Micaela, he believes that someone hurt someone low on the social ladder has no effects for someone high on it.

Aarfy is sociopathic, as demonstrated by his lack of remorse for rape and later murder. The closest he has shown to guilt is fear for getting arrested for raping and murdering Michaela, which later proves unfounded.

He is also shown as condescending, such as when Yossarian confronts him about murdering Michaela he says "in the most condescending way possible, 'well I couldn't have say bad things about us'".

Physical Appearance

He is mentioned as being pudgy in the book


He has committed rape at least once before his murder of Michaela in his fraternity days where he and his dorm-mates blackmailed two highschool girls into having sex with them by telling their parents that they had sex with them. His raping and murdering Micaela forms the emotional core of the book and shows the moral event horizon of the U.S. Army because they arrest Yossarian for not having the papers to be in Italy instead of Aarfy for the rape and murder of a maid.