You see I loved this world, and I intend to write my name on every page of it.
~ Capricorn

Yes well, I'm a liar. I lied all the time. Lie, lie, lie!
~ Capricorn about his personality and his habit of lying.

Capricorn is a power-mad baron who serves as one of the major villains in the Inkheart book trilogy and the main antagonist in the 2009 film adaptation with the same name.

He was portrayed by Andy Serkis, who also portrayed Gollum, Mr. Grin and Supreme Leader Snoke, and voiced Witch-King of Angmar.


Capricorn is described as having light blond hair and clear colourless eyes. His original appearance is described as having brown short hair and somehow a scar.


Capricorn has typical personality of the villain. He is extremely cruel, ruthless, manipulative, sadistic, heartless and perfidious. He doesn't have codex of honor and is ready to cheat to win. He is also unspeakably deceitful and is complete liar and enjoys deceiving others. Despite his arrogant and twisted nature he is also a coward and in the battle prefers to use his minions.


Inkheart (1st book)

Capricorn was, in his former world, a fire-raiser. He had his own stronghold in the woods between Ombra and the Adderhead's realm, Argenta, and commanded a big household, including his men who, amongst others, committed arson for him. He is the primary antagonist of the first book.

Inkheart (movie)

When he was read into the real world by Mo along with Dustfinger and Basta, he traveled to his present village in Italy. Capricorn used to serve under the Adderhead, but when he was read into our world, he became the leader of a band of old fire-raisers, including Basta, Flatnose, CockerellFulvio and his mother Mortola, who lived disguised as Capricorn's maid in the real world. Over time Capricorn became quite influential in our world, which was mostly based on blackmail and threats and has made a new home in an old castle within a remote village in rural Italy.

His goal was to find Mortimer and all copies of Inkheart. In contrast to Dustfinger who wants to return home, he didn't want to get back into the inkworld but to destroy all copies so no one could ever send him back.

All he wanted from Mortimer was that he read him valuables and the Shadow into the real world. He was eventually killed along his followers by his own minion, the Shadow, who had been controlled by Meggie at the time.