Clogg from the Redwall TV series.

Captain Tramun Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg is an anthropomorphic stoat and one of the major villains of the Redwall series book, Martin the Warrior as well as the third season of the Redwall TV series.

Cap'n Tramun Clogg was the corsair captain of the Seascarab and a former ally of Badrang the Tyrant. He was very fat for a stoat and had a braided beard and wore wooden clogs, hence his name. He also wielded a cutlass as his weapon.

When Badrang's ship wreaked, he became a land-pirate and built a fortress called Marshank. Clogg continued his piratical life at sea and after a disagreement, the two became bitter enemies. Clogg's ship was driven by slaves, and Badrang too had slaves in his fortress, so Clogg sought to get those slaves for himself and docked near Marshank to parley with his former ally. Badrang let him in on certain conditions, and from then on they continued a 'frenemy' relationship, constantly threatening and insulting each other. When Badrang had Clogg's ship burned, it was the last straw, and Clogg attacked Marshank with his corsair vermin.

Later, when Badrang and his army went after some escaped slaves, Clogg took command of Marshank, and locked Badrang out. The Tyrant got back in however, through a tunnel the slaves had used to escape, and took back his command. He knocked Clogg out cold with his sword pommel, and when the pirate awakened, he seemed to suffer brain damage and became increasingly insane after, and Badrang made him a slave in the fortress. Clogg managed to survive the final battle with the escaped slaves and their allies, in which Badrang was killed by the mouse Martin the Warrior, and when it was over, took to wandering around the ruins of Marshank, talking to the corpses of the dead vermin.