Cao Man is the main villain in the movie Shaolin. Hou Jie's second-in-command who became his foe until he
Cao man
betrayed Hou as Tyrant leader


Cao become swore brother to Cao Man and Song Hu at young age and during the war, Hou Jie become powerful warlord who killed his enimnes in cold-blooded and Cao was his deputy who witness his boss's killings include a man who seek settler in Shaolin Temple. Feeling that he was used as his toy or theareted him very baldy , Cao deiced to seek power against Hou with help of foreign leaders. After Hou fatally wounded his friend Cao sent his assassins to killed two families and Hou Jing and his family were manages to escape however Hou's daughter was killed by Assassin's horse carriage which left him in griefs and remorseful become monk at while Cao Man took power and forced recruited male refugees to build railway by unearthing Chinese relics or massacred them to keep quiet. Hou and other monks rescued the refuges. Cao kidnapped Yan Xi who is Hou's wife and mother to their dead daughter as hostage