The band of cannibals from 'The Road'.

The Cannibals are the main antagonists in the 2006 post-apocalyptic novel The Road and the 2009 film adaptation of the same name. They follow the man and his boy down the road to the south. The cannibal leader attempts to eat the man's son and the man shoots the leader in the head, resulting in a gruesome death. The rest of the cannibals continue to follow the man and his boy down the road and continue to try to eat the duo. The man and his boy see abandoned houses filled with dying and severed victims who the cannibals plan on eating later. They also chase a lady and her daughter, who they succeed at capturing.
The Road - Official Trailer 202:29

The Road - Official Trailer 2

An official trailer for 'The Road'. Note that the trailer mentions the cannibals.