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Stop hand

Click to help Cruella!
This scum Cannibals (Psalty)
is driving Cruella insane!
So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.
Psalty's Missing 9 The Cannibals
Cannibals are seen appearance of The Search for Psalty's Missing 9 The Secret of How to Grow in the Lord. in Africa Psalty and her kids looked as The Cannibals to take eaten in the cooking to hot.

Movie Apperance Debut of the Film

in Psalty's Salvation Celebration The Movie, Psalty and her 3 Kids to looked for Risky Rat's tapes, also Psalty looked as The Cannibals to seen to the taken him.

Eaten Psalty and her kids Shelly, Ralph and Rhonda

The Cannibals eaten at Psalty in the hot bowl
Cannibals cooking in the best as Psalty and her kids, to find out VHS or never released as "Psalty's Missing 9" VHS to canceled it. to during the credits on during Psalty's Salvation Celebration The Movie to used the music Written in the Word Instrumental.

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