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The Candy Witch is a major antagonist in the video-game "Fairytale Fights" who steals the kettle of porridge from the three bears with aid from a number of lumberjack henchmen (as revealed later in the game).
The player-controlled hero pursues the kettle to her lair and in the process uncovers the gruesome eating habits of the witch, who has included children to her diet: who she has turned into gingerbread men with the aid of the Pied Piper.
When faced in combat the Candy Witch can transform the hero into candy and fly but thankfully shares the weakness of many wicked witches (namely fire).
Once defeated the Candy Witch is set on fire and her entire castle comes crashing down in the process, with the hero narrowingly escaping by grabbing onto the kettle of porridge.
However the hero's joy is shortlived as a rival hero soon steals the kettle and takes credit for the hero's hard work.

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