Candy Jams

Candy Jams is a fictional celebrity that appeared in the Grojband episode Girl Fest. She is a singer who pretends that she is a feminine and strong woman who inspires other girls to be just like her. In reality however, she is not the strong feminine girl she says she is and she just lies to her fans to make herself popular. She uses commercializing and glorified advertisements of herself to make herself get rich off of selling worthless things to her fans such as make up.


Candy Jams has pale white skin, and purple hair that she wears with a red headband. She has some of her hair partially shaved and she wears black eyeliner, and ear piercings. She also has a beauty mark on the side of her face. She wears a red and black striped tank top and a black diamond encrusted necklace with a skull on it. She wears blue shorts with white fringe at the bottom and a pair of black leather boots.


Candy Jams passes herself off as a tough feminist girl who makes her own decisions which is the personality that she uses to motivate her fans. However, this is all fake. She is truly a girl who has to follow he orders of a guy named Guy Broman. She is boy crazy and is actually the exact opposite of what she says she is. She pretends that she's a free girl to scam her fans for money. At some point she dated Nick Mallory, and although she claims she dumped him, she is still obsessed with him.


  • Candy is voiced by Megan Fahlenbock. Megan has worked on all three of Fresh TV's other animated series which are 6teen (as Jen Masterson), Total Drama (as Gwen), and Stoked (as Sam McCloud).