Candlemon is a minor villain in Digimon Frontiers and the Manga version of Digimon Xros Wars.


Candlemon are rookie level Digimon that looks like candles with a DemiMeramon on the top of their wick. Their bodies are made of wax and they have a golden candlestick underneath them.

Digimon Frontiers

When the DigiDestined (except for Koji) were walking, they stumble upon village near some ruins filled with Candlemon. When they told them that they are the Legendary Warriors, the Candlemon invited them to their party but they were burning a place called Sleeping Clovers. The kids started to run and hide from the Candlemon. Takuya Spirit Evolved into Agunimon. Agunimon was proven to be no match for them, since he was using fire-type attack and fire powers up the Candlemon. Tommy Found his Human Spirit of Ice and Spirit Evolved into Kumamon. Kumamon defeats a small ammount of Candlemon until one of them digivolves to a Wizardmon. After Agunimon and Kumamon defeat Wizardmon and reverts him to Candlemon by scanning his Fractal Code, the Candlemon Elder says that this was all a test to see if they were truely the Ledgenary Warriors, and they passed the test.

Digimon Xros Wars (Manga)

A small amount of Candlemon were minions of Weddinmon. They were aborbed by Weddinmon so she can become Reverse Weddinmon.


  • Flame Bomber/Lava Loogie
  • Melted Wax
  • Paraffin Paralyzer
  • Candle Ring


  • The flame on it's head is possibly a Digimon. The Candle body might be a decoy. It is said if the flame goes out, it will die.
  • Candlemon can Digivolve into Wizardmon, Meramon or MachGaogamon.
  • Demimeramon


    Candlemon's Pre-Digivolve form is DemiMeramon.