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"Candle Cove" is a popular creepypasta about an old television show. It is presented in the form of an archived discussion thread from an internet forum, which is started by a person, "Skyshale033", who posts about an old show he very vaguely remembers from his childhood called "Candle Cove", which he recalls was around in 1972 and was probably only broadcast in his local area. He receives a reply from another person who also remembers the show and recalls that it was about pirates. This jogs the first poster's memory, who goes on to recollect that Candle Cove was a very low-budget puppet show with constructed dolls.

More people join the thread, and it is gathered that the main characters were a girl named Janice and her friend "Pirate Percy", with a ship called the "Laughingstock". One poster mentions the line "You go...INSIDE." Skyshale remembers that the talking ship would say this frequently throughout the show, and it was rather unnerving.

Later, the posters bring into discussion the villain of the show, The Skin Taker a skeleton who wanted to grind the skin of children and wore a cape made from the flesh of his victims. Skyshale033 and others now remember how "unintentionally" scary the show was, remarking that they can't believe that it was supposed to be for kids. While on the subject, Skyshale posts about a nightmare he once had about Candle Cove consisting of all the characters continually screaming in agony up-close. Someone else remembers the very same thing, and suggests that it was an actual episode, but Skyshale denies it, as the "episode" in his "dream" was literally nothing but the characters screaming and crying for the whole show, with no plot, but the other person answers that he did in fact witness what Skyshale is describing, as does yet another poster, confirming that the "screaming episode" was not a dream.

What follows is the final post of the thread, and of the Creepypasta:

"I visited my mom today at the nursing home. I asked her about when I was little in the early 70s, when i was 8 or 9 and if she remebered a kid’s show, Candle Cove. She said she was surprised I could remember that and I asked why, and she said “Because I used to think it was so strange that you said ‘I’m gona go watch Candle Cove now mom’ and then you would tune the tv to static and just watch dead air for 30 minutes. You had a big imagination with your little pirate show.

Creepypasta Archives Candle Cove screaming episode01:17

Creepypasta Archives Candle Cove screaming episode

The infamous screaming episode.