Candice is the right-hand of Rupert Thorne and a villain in the Batman:The Animated Series. She is seducive and cunning. Candice once helped Thorne blackmail Harvey Dent which made him turn into Two-Face.


When Harvey Dent was targeting Thorne in his campaign, Candice stole Dent's psychological files and found out about his bipolar disorder. She was present when Rupert Thorne used the files to blackmail Harvey into looking the other way. Harvey's stress caused him to attack Thorne as Big Bad Harv. Batman arrived on the scene and defeated Thorne's henchmen. An accident occured in the meeting area and Two-Face was born.

Candice looked into Two-Face's activities as he interferes in Thorne's business. She disguised herself as a 

Bane and Candice

police detective and learned of the whereabouts of Two-Face from his love interest Grace Lamont. She gave Grace a transmitter to track her when she contacts Harvey. Thorne arrives at the Wild Deuce Club with Candice and his other henchmen to kill Two-Face.  When Batman arrived fought the two criminals, Candice tries to hit Two-Face with a flowerpot but was attacked by Grace who knocked into a wall. The police arrives and arrests Candice.

Rupert Thorne hires Bane to kill Batman and sent Candice to meet up with the assassin. She develops a relationship with Bane and seduces him into killing her boss and take over his criminal empire. Bane agrees, including her in his plot to kill Batman. Bane captured Robin to use him as bait for Batman. Candice was eager to remove his mask but Bane stops her. Batman shows up and confronts Bane after freeing Robin. While the Dark Knight fight Bane, Candice fights with Robin in the water. After Bane suffered a Venom overdose, Candice escapes to Thorne's office. Batman follows her and delivers Bane to him. Before he leaves, Batman gives Thorne an audio recording of Bane and Candice's plot to overthrow him. Rupert yells Candice and was not seen after that.