Candice Stalker
Candace Donovan (aka Lauren) is the main villainess from Stalker's "The News" from Season One.

She was played by Erin Daniels.

Lauren was the girlfriend of TV news anchorman John Bardo, who was being stalked and harassed by an unknown person. However, as the episode progressed, it is revealed that Lauren's real name is Candace Donovan, and she had been stalking John's co-worker, Keith, back when he worked in Chicago. She later changed her name to Lauren and posed as John's girlfriend, only to secretly harass him as an unknown stalker so he'd be out of the way long enough for Keith to take the lead anchor position, knowing that John was away for several months the last time he was stalked. After being found by John in his dressing room, the evil Candace pulled out a gun and told him that he had to go away because "it's Keith's turn now." She barricaded herself inside the room with John and continued holding him at gunpoint. Long after Beth and her task force figure out who "Lauren" really is, they tell John through his mic to get Candace to talk about her "relationship" with Keith, which she does. Keith later appears and tells Candace that they can be together, but not if she hurts John. The distraction was long enough for Candace to be subdued by John and later arrested.